What is Georgetown 2028?

Georgetown 2028 is the collaborative planning process begun in 2013 that led to the development of a 15-year strategic vision and formal plan to ensure Georgetown remains a world-class commercial district – economically, physically, environmentally – and the actions that must be taken through the next 15 years, until 2028, to see this vision realized.  Georgetown 2028 brought together a disparate group of community members to collaborate on the steps that would enhance the Georgetown experience for our visitors, residents, business owners and the people who work here. After more than 100 hours of meetings that engaged more than 200 members of our professional and residential community, a consensus plan was reached which includes 75 recommendations to address pressing transportation issues, enhance public space, reduce office vacancies and attract more unique shops and restaurants.  Read the original Georgetown 2028 Plan launched in 2014 here.  Read the 2016 Update Report here.

Why do we need a plan?                                

Many Georgetown merchants, residents and property owners say they would like to improve this historic neighborhood. They recognize that in recent years the world around Georgetown has changed. Once, Georgetown was the primary shopping, dining and entertainment district not only for those in D.C., but for many living in the suburbs. Area residents now have more options where they can shop and dine, including new and emerging neighborhoods such as 14th Street, U Street, Downtown D.C. or H Street. They can also go to nearby Clarendon, Va. and Bethesda, Md. All of these neighborhoods have undergone major revitalization and development in the past 15 years. The Georgetown 2028 Plan addresses the issues and opportunities identified by stakeholders to keep our neighborhood strong. The Georgetown 2028 Plan also recommends a 75-item Action Agenda to help us stay competitive in the rapidly changing marketplace.

Why 15 years?

A 15-year plan gives Georgetown sufficient time to strategically prepare for major investments. It is a short enough timeline to keep us focused on the neighborhood's priorities. 

Who started Georgetown 2028 and who is involved?

The Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) launched Georgetown 2028 in January 2013, engaging a broad spectrum of community residents and stakeholders. A 21-member Task Force, comprised of Georgetown merchants, property owners, ANC members, restaurateurs, office tenants, architects, BID Board members, community leaders and concerned citizens anchored this effort. The Task Force was advised by three working groups with more than 40 members who tackled economic development, public space and transportation issues.  Two rounds of community engagement sessions were held in June and October 2013. The June meeting focused on generating ideas and addressing concerns to ensure that work reflected the best thinking. In October, preliminary ideas were shared and the community provided feedback.  The planning process was completed in December 2013 and the formal Georgetown 2028 Plan was launched in January 2013. 

What’s happened since it was launched in 2013?

The 75-item Action Agenda serves as a guiding document for BID staff. To read the 2016 Update Report on Georgetown 2028 progress, click here. Each spring, the BID holds a 2028 Community Meeting to update and engage the community.

What is the Georgetown BID?

Established in 1999 by its property owners and merchants, the Georgetown Business Improvement District (BID) is a is a publicly chartered, private, non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and enhancing the accessibility, attractiveness and overall appeal of Georgetown’s commercial district. It is organized as a not-for-profit corporation in the District of Columbia, and registered by Mayor’s order under the District of Columbia Business Improvement District Act. 

With more than 1,000 members, the organization’s mission focuses on keeping Georgetown clean, safe, accessible and economically strong. From marketing, communications and special events, to transportation, economic development, destination management and streetscape, the Georgetown BID contributes to the vitality and quality of life in Georgetown. Governed by a Board of Directors elected by its membership, the Georgetown BID is proud of the role it has played in the ongoing evolution of Georgetown as an exceptional shopping, dining and visitor destination. 

Who is paying for Georgetown 2028? 

Georgetown 2028 is funded by the Georgetown BID. It is also supported through countless volunteer hours by Task Force members and working group participants. Significant new investment will be required to advance many recommendations, particularly for transportation infrastructure.  Only some recommendations will require new funding, and certain projects will be funded under existing government programs. Others will be funded through a combination of new government appropriations, private partnerships and the BID’s annual and capital budgets.